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21 October 2021

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Birthdays for today, 21 October 2021

Happy birthday to yada yada (37), Lyla_Lyla_Lyla (41) and Rob (62).

05 March 2007: Embrace are taking a break, but the Fan Directory is not

Even though Embrace are busy doing whatever it is they're doing, the Fan Directory lives on. Don't forget about your profile and voting for others and, if you have some spare time, why not contribute towards the Embrace Live section, where you can comment on gigs you have been to and upload photos for others to see. The most un-used forum on the net is also available for your nonsensical contributions.



14 November 2006: Ben Nevis was no match for us!

We're all back safely from Ben Nevis, having conquered it in sub-zero temperatures and rain, hail, wind and snow. What an excellent day out it was. Here's a picture of us all on the top of the mountain. Minus 16 feels pretty cold when you're sat around at the top!

If you haven't donated already, and would like to, please visit


11 September 2006: New live section

I've added a new Embrace Live section to the Fan Directory this morning, which will enable you to do exciting things with the gigs you go to see. The new bits will enable you to:

  • Browse through Embrace's complete live history (see note)
  • Store on your profile which gigs you have been to or will be going to
  • Write reviews for gigs you have been to
  • Share memories and make comments on gigs
  • Upload photos from a gig
  • And probably some other stuff, too...

A quick word on the live history. I know it's not complete, but I'd like you to help me complete it by posting corrections to the Embrace Live History Additions and Edits thread on the forum. There are chunks of tours missing from 2002 and 2004 and also some Secret Gigs. Please help!

I hope you find this useful. It should be a fun way to recall the fun times had, view photographs, read reviews and generally be all nostalgic about what makes this community and this band so great. :o)


05 September 2006: Show your data on your profile

I noticed a lot of messageboarders subscribe to the free audioscrobbler service provided by, so I thought I'd add the facility for you to share this data on your fan directory profile, as well. records every track you listen to on your computer and makes this available to us, so we can show what you have been listening to recently. It's quite cool and it's free. :o)

To activate this feature, make sure you have an account with and then simply enter your username when changing your personal details on the fan directory. The information will then be displayed down the left-hand side of your profile. To save on resources, the data is cached for five minutes, so don't be alarmed if it doesn't update immediately!

If you have any problems or questions about the facility, please ask on the Forum.


03 September 2006: Discuss things in our new forum

I've added a forum to the site for your pleasure! Currently, we are enjoying the colourful world of Haiku, so come and join us. You can all post, regardless of whether you have a profile, although it's obviously more fun if you are logged in! :D


30 August 2006: Small change to profile URLs

I've changed profile URLs slightly, so that the '?pID=' bit is removed. The benefits are numerous, but I will not bore you with the details. Your old URLs will continue to work, but, if you can be bothered, please change them to the new format. instead of


29 August 2006: Searching for the answers

The ability to search through the answers of everyone has been re-added, so you may now search to see who has mentioned you. ;o) I have also added a couple of new infobar layouts, which you can view on the Sharing my profile with others page.

You may also notice today's birthdays are shown above, too.


25 July 2006: Updated answers highlighted

One of the things that I always find annoying when looking at someone's updated profile is finding which answers they have edited. This has all changed! When answers are updated, they are now highlighted as such when you read the profile. Oh, marvellous! :o)


21 July 2006: Join me in welcoming two new questions on the Fan Directory!

Due to the closeness of the vote and the fact one was an Embrace question and one wasn't, I have decided to add the top two winning questions. The new questions are:

What did you want to be when you were growing up?


If you were having a dinner party, which member of Embrace would you want to help in the kitchen?

Thank you to everyone who suggested questions and voted in the poll. The winning entries were provided by Lou and my own dear wife (it's a fix!! :D), Pollyanna, so big hearty congratulations to them for being so fabaroo.

The voting result

What happened to the kettle and parrot?

Someone decided to try and rig the poll on the messageboard. Someone should have been more subtle about it. Someone is becoming a bit of a full-time cheat, it appears. I couldn't possibly say who someone is. Anyway, I removed 20 offending votes from that question, which made it plummet. I'm sure The Legend of the Kettle and the Parrot will live long in the minds of Embrace fans across the globe.

So, that's it. Better head over to edit your answers now and have fun with the new questions!


19 July 2006: New scoring system and infobar

Hello there, isn't it warm today? :D

I've been busy adding a couple of new features to the Fan Directory, which I will now take time to describe.

FDPoints - the new scoring system

For a while, the lush rating has been losing its relevance, mainly due to the fact that everyone either votes 0 or 10. This is fine (I suppose), but it had become difficult to browse for good profiles of people you don't know. So, in order to counter-act this, I have created a profile scoring system called FDPoints (Fan Directory Points, see?). This is basically a calculation of many variables from each profile, with the end result defining a profile's status or importance. Early indications are that it is a much more accurate representation of which profiles and people are liked.

I will be looking at how this works over the coming weeks and will probably tweak the scoring system accordingly. There are a couple of factors I'd like to include in the calculation that aren't currently there, so don't be surprised if scores change suddenly!

And, before anyone asks, no, I will not be providing the algorithm! :o)


Please be aware that ranking numbers displayed on each profile are calculated overnight, so may be 'wrong' late in the day. The processing power required meant that this couldn't be carried out instantly.


As so many of you already link to profiles from your messageboard signatures, I thought I'd create a swanky little infobar for you to put on there. Instructions on how to use the bar can be found on a new page, entitled Sharing my profile with others. If you would like to use it, that's grand - the figures displayed are all real-time.

The infobar for me looks like this:

Please let me know what you think of these new features, either by email or the messageboard.


15 July 2006: Include images in your answers

Thanks to a suggestion from Wayne, you may now link to images within your profile answers using the standard bulletin board formatting. Liven up your profile with more than just words!

You may also link to other profiles within your answers, using a similar method.

Also, each profile now has a Lush Rank displayed below the main image. This number is the profile's position in the Lush Chart.


13 June 2006: Vote distribution and quick search

I've introduced a couple of new features to the Fan Directory. Firstly, you'll notice the quick search box on the right... use this to quickly find a profile. I've also added a vote distribution graph to all profiles that have a lush rating. You can view this at the bottom on the left, underneath the vote comments, and it includes details of how many anonymous votes received. It's not that interesting, but quite interesting.

I've finally processed the batch of reported profiles, as well. If you do see a dodgy entry, please report to me and I will remove it.

Hope you're all enjoying the World Cup. :o)


30 April 2006: Resist the introduction of ID cards into the UK

Sorry for putting a political message on this website, but I feel this is a matter that requires everyone's attention. The UK Government is planning to bring in compulsory ID cards that will store biometric data and full records of everything you do. Some of you will argue that 'if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear', but this is missing the point. The Government have no right to database and record us in this way and no right to treat us all as criminals. If you believe in civil liberty, you should add your support to the campaign against the introduction of ID cards for residents of the UK.

renew for freedom - MAY 2006 - renew your passport have a campaign running for the whole of May 2006, which benefits you as well as the cause. May 2006 is last month in which it is guaranteed that you will not have to provide biometric data and/or be interviewed to obtain or renew your passport. By renewing now, you will gain 10 years of freedom and exemption from the database, as well as helping to make a statement to the Government. Please visit for further details, or click on the banner above.

If you don't agree with this, please ignore it and enjoy the Fan Directory as usual. :o)


29 March 2006: 400,000 visitors since site launch

The Fan Directory is speeding towards its 400,000th visitor since the database version launched in May 2001. Doing the sums, that's 80,000 visitors per year and 200-odd every single day. With an average visit span of five pages, we have racked up over two million page views. That's pretty impressive, I must say!

Since May 2001, there have been 26,000 answers placed on profiles, some of them short, some of them long, some of them interesting, some of them... otherwise. Since the 3rd version launched (that'll be the blue one), there have been 32,000 votes registered in the system with an average rating given of 7.6. Not surprisingly, 0 and 10 are the most frequently awarded ratings, being given 6,626 and 21,758 times respectively. Oddly, a rating of 3 has only been given 70 times.

I'd like to thank you all for visiting and for making this directory so popular and entertaining to read. Here's to reaching the millionth visitor! :o)


27 March 2006: Congratulations on a solid number two

Well done to Embrace for securing a nice number two on Sunday evening, and for being chosen as World Cup song dudes.


23 March 2006: Changes to the lush rating

I've changed the lush rating system so that you will only get an average when a minimum of five people have voted for you. The reason for this is that there were far too many 10s with one vote. Hopefully, this'll make the chart more interesting.

I've also cleared out another 48 profiles.


20 March 2006: New album, new fan directory!

Good day, my friends, and welcome to the new fan directory.

This is the fifth incarnation of the directory and, hopefully, the best version yet. I took it upon myself to re-program 95% of the site about 10 days ago and it's been tough-going getting it ready in time. All the old features are still here, but we also see new functionality and the return of some old favourites:

  • Lush new design
  • Profiles linked to messageboarders and profiles on the messageboard
  • Find Embrace fans who live near you (based on postcodes, participation is optional)
  • Receive email alerts for new profiles and updated favourites
  • Receive email alerts when someone votes for you and when you're Fan of the Day
  • Choose to not display your email addresses on your profile
  • Advanced profile finder
  • More protection against vote rigging
  • Vote comments
  • The return of profile recommendations
  • Forgotten passwords are now emailed to you automatically
  • And more...

As part of this re-launch, I have also removed those 'naughty' profiles created solely for cheating and have re-calculated the Lush scores as a result. You may now report profiles that you suspect are just there to fix voting and I have the ability to suspend accounts with ease.

Please note that the URL for profiles has changed. Your old links on the messageboard are being re-directed to the new page, but you might want to update your signatures and wherever else you have linked to your profile.

Anyway, enough rambling! Go and log in and have a look around... I hope you enjoy the new site. :o)


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