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21 September 2021


Name: Helen Baxter
Embrace Messageboard Name:

Date of Birth: 30 July 1979 (Aged 42 years)
Location: Cheshire
Occupation: student

What is your favourite Embrace song?

erm hum ...Hooligan always makes me smile.
And three is a magic number is top live!!

What was your favourite Embrace gig?

Too many good ones - but Glasto 2000 has lots of good memories

What is your favourite Embrace Album?

The next one - always

What is your favourite Embrace B-Side?

ooh - a favourite debate...
they're all fab - I'm so indecisive

What and when was your first messageboard post?

oooh probably last summer - some sly comment in response to Wolla - even though I didn't know him?!?! - not got a good memory!

Who was the first messageboarder you met?

Wolla - and his hair

What is the most stupid thing you've done at a gig?

nearly lost my head - in all senses of the word!!

What other music do you like?

everything - T-Rex, SFA, Delgados, Flaming Lips, Alfie too many others to name

What are your favourite albums?

Psychomodo - Steve Harley,
Ziggy ,
TGWO (for the memories)
again too many to name

What are you currently listening to?

revision stuff - delgados, beta band - stuff that cheers me up but doesn't distract me too much

What is your favourite Jelly Baby?

ugh I hate them all

Who is your favourite Neighbours character?

hmmmmm Joe - Scully and Mangel (one in the same surely?!!)

Most likely to say…

I'd rather stick pins in my eyes

Least likely to say…

air hair lair

Cricket - good or evil?

Good good good - bring on the Aussies - or actually??? hmm we may indeed get whooped

What was the last thing you ate?

bacon and eggs

Cats or dogs?

ugh - both bad - cept BIG cats I spose

Heaven is…

finishing university - FOREVER

Hell is…

trying to find a job ;(

Madness Rating (1 to 10)

oh to be 11 on a scale of 1 to 10

probably nearer 3 though

An interesting fact about myself…

I can say the Lords Prayer in Afrikaans - real useful that hmm?

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Hell is…
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