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20 September 2021


Name: Michael Sowa
Embrace Messageboard Name:

Date of Birth: 15 September 1974 (Aged 47 years)
Location: London
Occupation: Programmer

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Cherries has a lush rating of 8.4 from 30 votes.

What is your favourite Embrace song?

The Good Will Out & Now You're the moment but it is constantly changing!!!! Like an orange.

What was your favourite Embrace gig?

SG4 & Brixton#2...Both brilliant in different ways..and now the XFM gig..Got backstage and had a geet good chat to Steve...

What is your favourite Embrace Album?

TGWO Still the best for me, although OON is creeping closer....

What is your favourite Embrace B-Side?

You don't amount to anything this time....and the other time too....This chages more frequently than the wind....If You Feel Like a Sinner....

What and when was your first messageboard post?

june 2000

Who was the first messageboarder you met?

Mark and Reading 2000...Mark had a camp fire and we didn't so we befriended him...

What is the most stupid thing you've done at a gig?

Got pissed and my friend said stupid things to Mikey Dale..:-(.... I think getting pissed at gigs has to stop..! I forget most of the wonder they are all good..!

What other music do you like?

No...Just Embrace....embrace embrace..and maybe some Progressive Trance.

What are your favourite albums?

Errmmm TGWO, DFM, OON.. I don't own any equipment to listen to music I only ever listen to music Live.

What are you currently listening to?

OON..! A ripped of copy of some promo...will be replaced by a shiny new one on the 13th of September!

What is your favourite Jelly Baby?

Jelly Harriwell

Who is your favourite Neighbours character?

Stuff for girls, neighbours....tut tut...Mark Adnrews loves Neighbours....The big Girl....

Most likely to say…

Egg. Birds. Cheese. Apple Moooooooorning. La la la.

Least likely to say…

I don't drink.

No I don't want thos tickets to the next SG.....

Cricket - good or evil?

neither just boring. At least evil is exciting.

What was the last thing you ate?

Cheese and tomato toastie....

Cats or dogs?


Heaven is…

A black & white cat on me face.

Hell is…

A mad ginger cat on me face.

Madness Rating (1 to 10)

8...but depends on the situation. It increases with age...

An interesting fact about myself…

I am an ace football fouler...ask Mark. My dad has built a floating island in Mexico...out of Plastic Bottles..!

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FDPoints: 145
Lush rating: 8.4 (30 votes)
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Created: 06 May 2001
Last updated: 27 May 2005

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"Do some work!!"

"He is The Original Mr. Memory, man."

"Mike beats Lithuanians at pool, drinking and Arm wrestling"

"He smells like a horse, he looks like a horse, he's got the genitalia of a hamster."

"He's a good lad."

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